Pay Per Incident DroboHelp - Legacy Products - North America

Pay Per Incident DroboHelp - Legacy Products - North America

by Drobo Store $99.00

DroboHelp allows you to purchase a onetime support incident for a specific issue for your Drobo Gen 2, Drobo S, Drobo FS, DroboElite, DroboPro and DroboPro FS. This DroboHelp is for customers located in North America.

The Pay Per Incident Support ticket is a single support incident that addresses a single specific issue. If a problem contains multiple issues, a new pay per incident will need to opened. Drobo will make every attempt to resolve your support incident in a reasonable manner, however we cannot guarantee all cases will be solved.

For additional information regarding our Pay Per Incident, see:

DroboHelp does not include:
* Data Recovery Services
* RMA or an exchange of a product
* Unsupported configurations or operating systems
* Upgrades

Before purchasing a support incident we recommend you check out our free online support:



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