Pay Per Incident DroboHelp - Legacy Products - North America

Pay Per Incident DroboHelp - Legacy Products - North America

by Drobo Store $99.00

DroboHelp allows you to purchase a onetime support incident for a specific issue for your Drobo Gen 2, Drobo S, Drobo FS, and DroboPro. This DroboHelp is for customers located in North America.

The Pay Per Incident Support ticket is a single support incident that addresses a single specific issue. If a problem contains multiple issues, a new pay per incident will need to opened. Drobo will make every attempt to resolve your support incident in a reasonable manner, however we cannot guarantee all cases will be solved.

For information and instructions on how to use DroboHelp, click here.

DroboHelp does not include:
* Data Recovery Services
* RMA or an exchange of a product
* Unsupported configurations or operating systems
* Upgrades

Before purchasing a support incident we recommend you check out our free online support:



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