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Drobo is smart storage that protects what matters most to you. As hard drives keep getting bigger, Drobo will always have room to grow with you. Instead of managing storage, spend your time shooting, collecting, composing, building, painting, drawing… and simply living your life.


Sometimes you just run out of space. It happens. Hundreds of pictures turn into thousands. Your iTunes Library swells with music and movies. When you need more space, simply slide a drive into an empty slot to increase capacity in seconds. No more open slots? Simply pull out the smallest one. Don’t worry, Drobo tells you which one that is. Slide in a bigger drive and Drobo goes right to work. No configuration required. Drobo is smart enough to take care of itself.

Protect what matters most

Drobo watches your back. And not only does it protect what matters, Drobo is smart – if a drive fails, Drobo automatically puts itself back into a safe state so your stuff is protected even if another drive fails. That’s patented. No other system is that smart.

Get started. No manual, no tools.

When we say “Just plug it in,” we mean it. Plug it in, power it up, and in minutes your Drobo is ready to start protecting your stuff. If you buy your Drobo without hard disks, buy any drives that are on sale and just slide them in. No screwdriver required.

Smart enough to manage itself

Drobo tells you everything you need to know with a glance. If the lights are green, your hard disks are healthy. Spiffy blue lights tell you how much space you have used. See a yellow light? That’s just Drobo saying “I’m getting full. Trade this drive out for a bigger one when you get a chance.” See a flashing red light? No worries. That’s Drobo saying, “You’re stuff is still safe, but this drive died. Switch it out.” And if you are the type who wants to know more, you can install Drobo Dashboard to stay on top of anything you might want to know (and nothing you don’t).

Just plug it in. You’ll feel better.

Drobo believes safe, expandable storage should be for everyone. After you plug in your Drobo and starting filling it with what matters most to you, you will share a sense of well-being with other Drobo owners. Your stuff is safe. You won’t need to buy another system anytime soon. You’ll feel better.

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